Consider the significant benefits of motorcycle combined GAP and RTI

Imagine your motorcycle is declared a write-off due to an accident, fire or theft. Now imagine discovering that your insurance company pay-out will not match the original price you paid for your motorcycle.

This is a scenario faced by bike owners every day. Even if you are not liable, you are almost certain to find a shortfall between the amount you receive in settlement and the price you original paid. This shortfall could be a significant sum depending on the rate of depreciation of your motorcycle. Who will protect you against this financial loss?

For peace of mind, and for the protection your motorcycle needs, consider the cover Motorcycle Combined GAP and RTI can offer.

* Motorcycle Combined GAP and RTI is an OPTIONAL facility available from this dealership. Our sales consultants will be happy to answer your questions or clarify the policy benefits and exclusions. You should be aware that similar products may be available elsewhere to purchase directly. However, as with any insurance policy, you should confirm the cover levels of alternative facilities are suitable for your needs.