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Paint Protection

AutoProtect MotoGP Ceramic Coat

The concept of paint protection in cars has been established for years and has proved a valuable source of extra income for dealers and a great advantage for vehicle owners.

MotoGP Ceramic Coat is now providing that same solution but specifically for motorbike owners. MotoGP Ceramic Coat is an unequalled paint protection technology preventing any damage to the paint and alloy areas from solvents, sunlight, acid rain and tree sap thus keeping motorbikes looking cleaner for longer.

What if?

Your customer's shiny new motorbike begins to look less shiny and new? Let's face it, you can't stop the rain falling.

Significant benefits

MotoGP Ceramic Coat protects all external paintwork, alloys and plastics. For three years. Guaranteed.

MotoGP Ceramic Coat is exceptionally hard-wearing, providing protection against even the harshest weather and road conditions.

All that is required is that the customer takes reasonable care of their motorbike. This warranty is unique in the marketplace as no additional treatments are required after initial application (unless the motorbike is damaged or paintwork is repaired).

  • Cutting edge formulation developed by NASA.
  • Can be applied to new and used motorbikes.
  • Maintains and restores showroom condition.
  • Resists UV light, cold, frost, acid rain, exhaust fumes and solvents.
  • Eases the removal of dirt and grime, especially to alloys.
  • Saves time, money and elbow-grease!
Moto GP Paint Protection